The DirectBenefit Program is YOUR way to get money directly and quickly to YOUR cause.  Whether you are suffering RIGHT NOW from any type of disaster or emergency DirectBenefit is ready to forward donations directly to your cause.

Let's Get Started!

To receive donations from others please follow directions below accordingly.

First, please fill out and submit:

You will fill out your Organizational and Contact Information by clicking the SUBMIT HERE button below: 


When we receive your submission we will send you the DirectBenefit packet consisting of the following.

1.  Fee Structure

2.  W-9 (Handwritten signature required). Please sign, scan and return via email)

3. Bank Letter and DDA information (Have your bank copy text from Sample Bank letter and paste it onto their letterhead for signature. OR, send us a voided check. Scan and return by email)

In order to participate in our program, all information in the packet must be completely filled out and sent back to